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Today: Dec 01, 2015

Welcome to Discusboutique


To all discus lovers around the world, welcome to Discusboutique.

Since the first discus found in the wild of Amazon, keeping discus always bring challenge and excitement. A friend introduce me to this lovely fish and in instance I found my self affected by its beauty. I try to gain all information about this fish, how to keep them, and how to breed them.

I consider my self very lucky to found some books written by the well known discus breeder. Those books are: Jack Wattley’s Handbook of Discus and Discus for the Perfectionist by Jack Wattley Degen Discus book Discus: How to Breed them by Bernd Degen and Schmidt-Fockes Discus book by Eduard Schmidt-Fockes. I’m so inspired by their effort to gain all the knowledge about the know-how in keeping discus, and also by their passion in discus. So I consider that they all are my first mentors in keeping discus.

I choose the name of DISCUSBOUTIQUE to reflect that quality of natural beauty discus comes first. Quality that I believe comes from a lot of efforts, such as: selective breeding, passionate keeping combine with knowledge, brings out the natural beauty.

Discus is PERSONAL !!!